Service Letswin telecom provide:

1. Professional agent maintenance
Letswin’s professional team helps you manage around the clock, companies only need to pay according to monthly rent, save investment labor costs.
2. Management of multiple office systems
Help you maintain enterprise resource systems (ERP, CRM, etc.), and accelerate through high efficient management modules and CDN network to help boost your business, not limited by time and place.
3. Customized service
According to your different needs, set up the server specifications and lines that are most suitable for the enterprise, and you can adjust the bandwidth at any time to simplify the budget.
4. To meet the security and confidentiality needs of corporate data
All dialogue data will be backed up in the high-safe hard disk, and provide remote backup services, you don’t need to worry about latency or loss of confidential information.



Professional engineering personnel maintenance

Provide the following services to help you save the annual cost of hiring information or security personnel

1. Website/Mail server for maintenance
2. Periodic inspection Basic system management
3. System performance testing, backup services, patch installation
4. Operating system installation settings, hardware maintenance, package software installation
5. System safety and health diagnosis, basic management, equipment installation and construction
6. Regular inspection, network settings, OS version update service
7. To diagnose network connection problems, hardware maintenance, add or replace modules and memory
8. 24x7x365 service provided and monitoring service


Office system package

We provide a multi-office platform management system to improve the fluency of corporate offices. Only one system is needed, which is simple and convenient to quickly manage corporate processes

1. Our tech team will help to resource management like ERP、CRM system.
2. We provide instant data transfer for the enterprise, assisted by professional system
engineers to transfer data, installation environment, safe, fast and reliable
3. The office system provided by Liying, regardless of the size of your company and the location of each branch, is not limited. You only need to spend a small amount of time to maximize the efficiency of the enterprise, including personnel changes and financial audits in the mortar and human resources department. , Online leave, voting, online approval, mobile office, etc., as long as one-click release, regardless of the location of the head of each branch or department, you can read and participate online, compared with the traditional method that requires manual verification of the supervisors layer by layer Quick and convenient.


Customized specifications

We provided updated server and network. Enterprises do not need to concern

Tailor-made the most suitable server configuration and network for you, all the customized needs of any enterprise can be met.


The most complete network service

Enterprises can add or subtract bandwidth at any time without worry of wasted or insufficient bandwidth

We provide high bandwidth, high-quality and high-stability Internet services. We can adjust the bandwidth in accordance with the flexibility of demand to meet the needs of enterprises for various backup and multiple applications.


Global CDN dynamic and static content cache acceleration

Global access to your company’s website, the company’s network office platform, video platform around the world, instant and smooth

1. The network delay is low and access to the global network is fast.
2. The download speed is fast, and the delay rate is lower than the general network.
3. Fully transparent to users.
4. Service nodes are widely distributed all over the world.
5. Provide cloud/ground multi-network and optimized network configuration across ISP.


Completely independent

Intranet environment not shared with other companies, faster and more secure

Dedicated server make enterprises more control power and higher security.


Offsite backup

The important data of the company can be stored in different places or countries, so you can avoid missing or losing the data.

For enterprise users’ recognition of data storage, instant online backup is provided, and customers can set the time or date of backup according to their needs.
In addition, we also provide a remote backup mechanism to set up data storage rooms in computer rooms across Taiwan and overseas, to diversify risks so that customers are not afraid of losing or damaging important data.

  • Data transfer, fast data backup and restoration.
  • You could check it immediately and verify whether the backup and restore are complete at any time.
  • Quickly restore the operation environment operation without interruption of key applications.
  • Quickly restore the operation of the server and storage equipment to improve the operation efficiency.