Since 2002, Letswin Telecom has successively obtained cooperation with Taiwan’s well-known Chunghwa Telecom, Seednet, TFN and other major IDC company, and established IDC sales department in 2006. Consolidate IDC resources of Taiwan and Hong Kong, providing lease of network, lease of cabinets, lease of domestic and abroad servers, colocation services, lease of IDC physical server, and provide other lease services. We have continued to cooperate with China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the United States, etc …. and develop IDC business.


Establish Letswin Telecom company.

Introduce Seednet network, which has been a cost-effective IDC company in terms of service, quality and price, our major customers put their data in here. In the same year, we join the Liansheng machine room, namely the Sanchong machine room. It is a mixed-network machine room with games as the main room, and we has reached a friendly cooperative relationship with it. It is often used as an emergency standby machine room for the Seednet machine room.

The introduction of Chunghwa Telecom’s Telecom network, which occupies a large position in China market due to its popularity, its price is lower than Chunghwa Telecom’s machine room, and it is another long-term place for customers after the Seednet machine room. In the same year, We settled in TFN as a backup equipment room of the same level as China Telecom’s China Telecom network.

Settled in Taiwan’s fixed network, as the same level of backup telecommunications room for CHIEF IDC’s Chunghwa network.

Start to cooperate with Yuan Yue technology.

A direct cooperative relationship with CNS KBT has been achieved with the advantages of the lowest price and large bandwidth, and has got many customer markets in a short period of time. Introduce Hong Kong’s top-level machine room network and introduce local Taiwanese customers to the Hong Kong market. Developed and established host forwarding technology to effectively avoid the DDOS attack problem in Taiwan’s machine room.

Cooperate with TFN machine room settled in long term.

Obtained Taiwan’s second-class telecommunications general business license. In the same year, VPN acceleration department was established to start promoting VPN acceleration application services across the Taiwan-China and globally.

Build your own circuit and machine room, introduce millions of core routers and firewalls, and integrate upwards to become an ISP provider to provide customers with the best choice. And began to promote Letswin IDC business, the establishment of Letswin IDC department.

Reached a long-term cooperation agreement with Guangzhou Yuanyue Technology.

Expand the Letswin machine room, strengthen the fire protection, anti-theft, anti-shock, anti-blackout, disconnection and other equipment updates and upgrades to provide more comprehensive protection for customer assets.
In the same year, Letswin machine room, VPN Acceleration Department, LETSIDC International Business Department, originally dispersed resources, equipment, and manpower were integrated to form Letswin Network Business Group to provide better quality resources and services to customers.

Successively cooperated with many IDC enterprises in China to sign agency contracts.

Establish Vandweb International business department.

Introduce Chunghwa enterprise-level network.

Upgrade equipment room become a BGP dual-network equipment room, and introduce CDN node acceleration technology to expand business globally.